Sep 19, 2008


-Yesterday I fell in love with a band like I haven't fallen in love with a band in years
-Today I was only able to listen to commercial country radio for 8 hours at my job

-Yesterday I rode my bike along Michigan Lake at sunset and sat aside the shore with a charming & engaging girl
-Today I rode my bike to the country to blow off steam but blew a tire two miles outside of town

-Yesterday I could have caught a cab
-Today, bitter men in empty Chevy trucks passed right by me and my broke down bike. I would have taken a ride

-Yesterday I ate one of the best chicken pitas I've ever put in my mouth
-Today I ate lunch-meat from Wal-Mart

-Yesterday I drank locally purchased coffee brewed in a french press
-Today I drank watered down Folgers and disguised the bad taste with coffee-mate.

-Yesterday I saw baby twins that will probably become two of the best people to have ever lived
-Today I was surrounded by a multitude of obtuse middle-aged adults who "fucking know it all" but will ultimately let us all down

-Yesterday I felt that people genuinely cared about my personality
-Today I felt like people only cared about themselves

-Yesterday I walked the streets of Uptown and felt perfectly fine
-Today I felt better chances of getting rolled by some hillbilly fucks in a pickup truck

-Yesterday I had a lover
-Today I am barely loved

1 comment:

Tif said...

i'm saving the hummus for your next visit.
in november.