Mar 11, 2009


Dear Readers, (the few of you)

Winter is Breaking.
It's been a painless, short season for those of us here in the Midwest whom do little more than sit persistently in front of a computer screen or guitar amp and dream about extraordinary travels.
Yes, It does get a bit more detailed than that, but generally speaking (and to save you the pains of reading about the drawn-out process), I just summed up my whole winter with the mention of these three activities. Hopefully when my work is revealed it won't seem to anybody that I've completely wasted my time. I certainly don't feel that way. After all, time has become the most important factor in my life since the onset of the new year and I've become rather particular about how I choose to use it.

A new season is quickly upon us and I'm grown more and more feverish with the last six months pent up in my parents house here in rural Illinois. I've now stayed longer than I had ever intented and am beginning to realize that nothing is likely to just fall in my lap. I'm also remembering the anxious feeling of needing to get out and see bigger things. 2009 will deliver yet another birthday and I will ultimately grow one year older. And I WILL NOT say "all I accomplished in 2009 was a birthday."
The only way to grasp onto your desires is to pave the ground that will lead you there. So that's exactly what I'm setting out to do. Except, I don't know exactly what it is I desire or where to find it so I'm just going to pave random paths and try to enjoy myself along the way. Either way, I'm getting out there and doing something.

Whatever is waiting for me, the time has come. I'm going to out to find it even if it leads me right back to the Midwest.

Having said that, I must explain the fate of this blog.
This blog was originally created to document the surreality of moving back home to rural Illinois, which in many ways was a regression of lifestyle and culture for me. I'll admit, i'm a country-boy at heart, and it's not all that bad. But dammit... I know there is a large world out there and I need to experience it first hand.

So then why did you move back home?

That's a good question and here is the answer.

As a means to an end. I moved back home (with my parents) because I desired to do larger things for myself. And in order to do that I needed to re-adjust myself both mentally and financially. I believe you must sometimes take a loss before you realize the gain. And sometime you must rip it up and start again.
The move was unfavorable but has resulted some insightful lessons and a growth of heart. I learned the value in a real days work. I learned the hardships of being overworked. And most importantly, despite our differences, I found common ground with the common people of this town. A lesson I believe can help you get a foot in the door anywhere you go.

Although I've streached out my stay here by months, I've found the experience to be completely productive and fulfilling and it has been a necessary step in the progression of things to come.

The stories of The Midwest Kid must be put on hold until I return one day to the small town of Tolono (aka Jillburt, Illinois).
I have a few special posts planned for the near future, but aside from that, I don't foresee much material going into this site for a while. But please check back time to time anyways.

The time has come to set sail. And in only a day, I'll be gone.

If you wish to follow my travels and writing please refer to my new blog,

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