Oct 26, 2008

Three Years of Love.

According to her papers, Tegan is 3 today.
If there were dog awards (not that "dog show" circus crap), Tegan would take the cake in every category.
I'm talking about real awards, like endless unconditional love of which no other living creature could compare or compete.
She has survived being hit by a car, jumping out of a truck and jumping over the railing of a third story balcony.
She shakes with either hand, gives high-fives, turns 360's, rolls over and understands Spanish.
I've never known a dog with more intuition, resilience, honesty (thats right, honesty) intelligence, patience, selflessness and social abilities.
I'm obsessed.


Tif said...

#1 dad.

mrfunnn said...

i am pretty sure i like teagan more than some of my best friends heres to three more great dog years

ElecTRadicaL said...

The only thing you forgot to mention about Tegan is that she knows how to disco dance with her favorite partner...ASCH!!!

The Morganism said...

I miss her something terrible. Kiss that purdy purdy for me.