Nov 1, 2008

We Were Meant For So Much More

With only two days remaining, this is my final "Fuck You" to the GOP.
I'm not claiming that the Democrats are any more qualified or exempt of the following criticisms... but c'mon people, let's try something different for a while, eh!?
Seriously, it's been eight years.

And so it goes:

John McCain, "Total Propagandist"
Because in my opinion he is
Ego maniacal.
Slanderous and angry of his opponent.
A liar. (however, every good politician is)
Encouraging more fighting.
Only trying to fulfill an "end of the road" achievement.
Wrong for trying to sell himself as a "Maverick"
Wrong for trying to sell Sara Palin as a "Maverick"
"Drill Baby Drill" ?

Sara Palin, "Are You Fucking Serious?"
I think this pretty much explains itself.

I should have created these posters weeks ago.
I could have done a mass posting throughout town, although I'm pretty sure Obama will take Illinois like butter takes to bread.
It would have looked awesome though.

I'm not that worried about the election, I'm more worried about what happens afterwards.
I just don't know if Americans are up to the Challenge.

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Misc said...

Jim, you did those? They are amazing. Good work. Now, Palin can do her fancy pageant walking all the way back to Alaska. Thank God!